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#WhyTheNorth? We Do Winters Best


Nothing is more Canadian than enjoying the great outdoors during our incredible and famous winters. In Northern Ontario, our picture-perfect snowscapes and frosty natural beauty beg to be enjoyed! You have not truly experienced the north until you ‘survive’ a winter here, and get that northern ‘badge of honour’. But don’t worry – our local warmth will keep you sustained.

You can count on ski slopes covered in fresh powder, gorgeous trails for skiing, and low-traffic, well-groomed snowmobile paths. Wintertime festivals and family sleigh rides bring smiles to cheeks which have turned rosy-red from the cold.  It may be chilly, but you won’t feel it when you’re so busy having fun!

 There’s true community spirit in Temiskaming Shores at the first signs of snow – local businesses throw open doors for a busy season, and the community revs up for winter traditions and fireside fun.

When coming to the north in the winter, we recommend proper cold-weather gear and clothing – good woolen mittens, lined boots, and a scarf and a toque (knitted hat) to protect from the winds. Winter tires ensure safer travels in our more remote, rural areas.



Snowmobilers know exactly where to go each winter when the snow starts to fly. Whether you’re new to the fun or have been sledding for years, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here.

The Tri-Town Sno Travellers Club, as part of the Timiskaming Abitibi Trail Association, steers sledders in the right direction and brings a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. Come to where blue skies meet wide-open, low-traffic and well-maintained trails through deep and rugged forests—all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face under your helmet. What a way to experience the north!

There are daily loops for short trips, or longer trails reaching Temagami North to the Quebec border and beyond. When Mother Nature does her worst, warm and inviting hotels and welcoming rest-stops, restaurants, and businesses help along the way. Careful! What starts as weekend getaways could become a new way of life!


Are you ready for 320 feet of vertical drop through sparkling powdered snow? Strap your skis on and hit the slopes! A hidden gem, the Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village has been carved out of northern bush and rock. Get full, fantastic views as you tackle the black diamond terrain.

But it’s not all risk and reward here – the Village features terrain styles and ability levels for everyone, from learners to advanced. Family fun is definitely encouraged! Tubing down the hills is a blast and a fun time that everyone remembers.

Set a smooth pace through magnificent cross-country ski trails with Temiskaming Nordic – known as ‘THE Place to Ski’. You’ll find beautiful, well-groomed trails, early and late-season cross-country skiing, racing, and social events.

Skiing or snow-sports not your thing? Come out anyway and enjoy the winter spirit! Settle into the cozy chalets with crackling woodstove fires and hot drinks – you’ll find friends and the community spirit. Everyone is welcome.


Our amazing trails don’t give up just because it’s winter! In fact, they shine more than ever when the sunlight dazzles brightly off the pillowy banks of freshly-fallen snow. What a perfect opportunity for making snow-angels!

Snowshoeing is a sure way to experience the joys of outdoor winter with no distractions – just as the ancients have done for thousands of years. Our popular trails attract countless enthusiasts throughout the season. No matter how many times you trek the trails in the warmer months, come winter, it’s as if they’ve transformed into a whole new world with the snowfall, animal tracks, icicles, the sharp spice of pine needles, and crystalline ice on woody branches.

When you’re out on the trails, it’s just you…nature… and the echoing stillness of winter. There’s no mistaking you’re in the north.


Are you listening? Family fun rides in on dancing hooves and flashing tails as the bells chime to let you know the sleigh rides are here!

Take a break and treat yourself to a historic local winter tradition. Like stepping back in time, old-fashioned sleigh rides begin with the snow each year, and are an opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime.

Les Promenades CAJO Sleigh Rides is part of northern Ontario winter experiences with their team of Belgian draft horses and their long, wooden sleigh to whisk your family through the snow-covered trails and evergreen forests. The destination? A hill for fun tube sledding and a crackling bonfire for roasting marshmallows. When everyone has tired themselves out (usually from playing and laughing so hard), the return trip is made perfect with hot drinks and warm wishes.


You’d think when our deep lake freezes over that activity here would slow down, but nothing is farther from the truth. When the thick ice covers Lake Temiskaming, you cannot keep us off it! Some of the best ice fishing can be found here, and that not-so-hidden secret spreads like wildfire as locals and visitors from all around flock to the area for big catches – Walleyes beware!

Even if you’ve never set foot on a frozen lake before, there are ice-fishing operators and guides such as Sutton Bay Park, that rent huts and provide complete packages with all the amenities to get you started. And experienced anglers join the exciting challenge of local fishing tournaments.

Don’t miss out on this unique experience! Whole wintertime ice-hut communities spring up on the frozen lake each year – it’s an amazing sight to behold. Ice fishing combines some of the best parts of our area: outdoorsmanship, camaraderie, fun times, and winter beauty.


Searching for a holiday get-together or a fun time with family and friends? We bring the celebrations of northern culture, cuisine, and cheerany time of the year.

November:  Seasonal spirit and history comes to life with the Village Noël Temiskaming. Experience an authentic New France Christmas Village in the heart of our city as we celebrate the festive season, traditional French culture, and 17th-century local history. Period costumes, First Nations teachings and drumming, artisanal crafts, and French-Canadian fare make for a weekend of family fun, food, music, and joie de vivre!


Don’t miss the many fantastic events happening right now.

See our calendar and plan for any time, any season! Take part in the celebration.

The Lake Temiskaming Tour is a unique cross-border tourism initiative between Quebec and Ontario. With a focus on promoting sites, attractions, events, and local food all around Lake Temiskaming, this tourism circuit is a trip without boundaries, showcasing the region’s Francophone, Anglophone, and Algonquin cultures.

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