Visiting Temiskaming Shores

#WhyTheNorth? Genuine Experiences

“WOW!” We hear this all the time from visitors. A hidden treasure, Temiskaming Shores is nestled deeply among majestic northern white pines, and its cool, dark lake waters lap at our feet.

  • We wow visitors with our country charms
  • We woo romantics-at-heart craving genuine, natural experiences
  • And we win over adventurers and business pioneers alike with our wild lands untamed.

Here is your invitation to immerse yourself in all the genuine experiences when you visit. Careful, you just might end up staying!

Why the North? We’ll show you.



Incredible white pines and the deep lakes of the Temagami / Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater wilderness region call out to become your #1 retreat – for business or pleasure. For over a hundred years, people have been drawn to the rich Claybelt agricultural area, abundant boreal forests, prosperous mines, and breathtaking views.

Discover a culturally-rich region full of activities for every season. Our rugged natural landscape plays a majestic backdrop for exciting opportunities. We hit all the high notes with our vibrant and growing community that thrives between two worlds—cherishing the historic and embracing the modern. 




Don’t miss the many fantastic events happening right now.

See our calendar and plan for any time, any season! Take part in the celebration.

The Lake Temiskaming Tour is a unique cross-border tourism initiative between Quebec and Ontario. With a focus on promoting sites, attractions, events, and local food all around Lake Temiskaming, this tourism circuit is a trip without boundaries, showcasing the region’s Francophone, Anglophone, and Algonquin cultures.

Discover our unique vacation experiences, conveniently grouped by theme and destination. Whether you are a motorcycling enthusiast, a nature buff, a lover of gourmet food, or a culture fanatic, you will be charmed by what you will find on the Lake Temiskaming Tour! For more information visit