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#WhyTheNorth? Big Adventure


When the sun’s out, the fun’s out! Big adventure awaits in Temiskaming Shores during those perfect, golden summer months.
Plan an early morning kayak to skim across the mirror-calm waters of Lake Temiskaming. The tranquility and beauty are unmatched.
Next, enjoy the thrill of motorcycling along highways, rolling hills, and scenic routes.
Our thriving art and culture scene overflows like the locally-crafted beers at our annual North On Tap Festival!
Don’t forget boating, fishing, beaches, camping, watersports; the list of great things to do goes on and on!

Why the North in Summer? Big Adventure!




Epic rides await along winding roads and through incredible scenery. Temiskaming Shores is famous as a hub of camaraderie and activity for motorcyclists every summer! Plan your epic ride: The Lake Temiskaming Tour is a world-class circuit that carves a path across Northeastern Ontario and Quebec. Enjoy the freedom of riding solo, or hit the open road with friends and family. There’s plenty to see and do along the way with awesome views, bustling eateries, and great attractions.



What would summer be without long days of fun in the outdoors on the lake, followed by a crackling bonfire at dusk?
It’s no tall tale or ‘fish story’ we’re telling you when we say just how great the fishing is here in the north. Whatever your fishing style: fly fishing, freshwater, by canoe or kayak, powerboating, or just a quiet chair on the banks of a river or with friends at a lake… you’re in luck—they’re biting!

Boating is one of the mainstays of the region, featuring Lake Temiskaming. The lake provides endless opportunities for adventure or relaxation (or both!) If you’re coming from away, our ‘remote’ location is worth the trip for the vast expanses of open water (Lake Temiskaming is 100km long and over 200 meters [700 feet] deep) with no crowding or competing for space.

With marinas, cottages, and campgrounds dotting the shoreline, quality accommodations, and delightful restaurants along the way, you’ve always got the support you need to be out on the lake with safety and fun in mind.


Locals know where to go when the temperatures rise. Come join us and cool off at the many beaches—the water is fine!
New Liskeard Beach is the perfect space to relax and enjoy a break from the heat. With covered picnic tables, public BBQs, a new children’s playground, scenic greenspaces to roam or recline, and being conveniently accessible along the Waterfront Boardwalk, you’ve got everything in one place. Where Lake Temiskaming meets the Boardwalk, the water is shallow for quite a distance, so a relaxing swim is the right way to handle the long summer days.
While you’re there, enjoy a round of mini-putt. Refreshing ice-cream and savory poutine are right next door!
Haileybury Beach is the perfect enclosed and well-maintained spot for swimming, enjoying the sun and sand, BBQ, and music. This waterpark features a huge water slide and maintains many lifeguards on site. And with a playground and park nearby, young ones get lots of adventure and exercise. (Don’t forget the many shops and restaurants within walking distance to make the day complete).


Searching for a holiday get-together or a fun time with family and friends? We bring the celebrations of northern culture, cuisine, and cheer—any time of the year.


Group of Seven in Temiskaming

The Group of Seven was a group of heavily impactful Canadian landscape painters of the 1920s and 1930s. The incredible natural landscapes of the north inspired the Group of Seven artists who believed that distinct Canadian art could be created through direct connection with the outdoors.
We have four locally-inspired works of art from the Group of Seven that we would like to tell you about – here. The local regions of Cobalt and Temagami, tall northern pines, and deep waters of our lakes feature heavily in their renowned art.

The Haileybury Heritage Museum is a treasure-trove of history. Offering up the oral histories of the town and region, it holds the photographs, artifacts, and true tales of the town, and gives the account of the Great Fire of 1922. The museum holds many annual family-fun summer events, including a young-writers competition in the “Hardy Boys Short Story Writing Contest”. FUN FACT: Leslie McFarlane, writer of the very successful Hardy Boys novel series was raised here in Haileybury.

Art in the Park (July – Aug | Wednesday nights from 6-8pm at Haileybury Waterfront)

Get inspired in a wonderful outdoor festival each week at the Haileybury Waterfront during July and August. Join a celebration of music, art, and activities for all ages. Featuring live music, artists and their works, and artisans with their handcrafted wares for purchase. The creative spirit flows these nights, rain or shine. Come support local talent!

North on Tap (July) 

On the shores of Lake Temiskaming in Haileybury, we annually raise a pint in good cheer. The North on Tap Craft Beer Festival showcases craft breweries and distilleries from across Ontario, and of course, local brews! Local Food Vendors serve up hearty helpings of unique, quality cuisines and down-home cooking. Featuring live music and a fun, festive atmosphere, North on Tap is sure to excite. (Kids under the age of 12 are welcome to join from noon until 3pm for family-friendly activities if they are accompanied by an adult – after 3pm the festival becomes age of majority).

Riverside Farmers’ Market (June – Oct | Saturdays from 8am-12pm at New Liskeard Riverside Place)

For over two decades this Farmers’ Market has brought healthful and farm-fresh produce, local meats, baked goods, handmade crafts, and local artwork. Visit the market on Saturday mornings for produce, local chat, and some great coffee and hot breakfasts served up among friends. There are fun activities for the kids, and the Power of Produce Club encourages kids to make healthy food choices. We have four locally-inspired works of art from the Group of Seven that we would like to tell you about – here. The local regions of Cobalt and Temagami, tall northern pines, and deep waters of our lakes feature heavily in their renowned art.


Don’t miss the many fantastic events happening right now.

See our calendar and plan for any time, any season!

The Lake Temiskaming Tour is a unique cross-border tourism initiative between Quebec and Ontario. With a focus on promoting sites, attractions, events, and local food all around Lake Temiskaming, this tourism circuit is a trip without boundaries, showcasing the region’s Francophone, Anglophone, and Algonquin cultures.

Discover our unique vacation experiences, conveniently grouped by theme and destination. Whether you are a motorcycling enthusiast, a nature buff, a lover of gourmet food, or a culture fanatic, you will be charmed by what you will find on the Lake Temiskaming Tour! For more information visit