Thornloe: cheeses whose reputation goes beyond borders

Thornloe: cheeses whose reputation goes beyond borders

Journalist, editor and editorial coordinator, Josée Panet-Raymond has worked in print and on the web for almost 20 years.

17 APRIL 2016

If you are going to explore the magnificent region north of Lake Témiscamingue, turn off on Route 11 North and stop at the Thornloe Cheese cheese factory  , a real institution that has been operating for over 71 years. Located in the pretty little village of Thornloe, 16 km from  Temiskaming Shores , the cheese factory has built a reputation that goes far beyond its borders.

Many tourists as well as locals are numerous to make the detour to buy the famous cheeses that are the pride of the region. And with good reason! There are high quality cheese products produced in a traditional way for over seven decades. Cheddar cheeses of various ages, curd cheeses and specialty cheeses offered in a whole range of seasonings and flavors, Thornloe Cheese has a very wide variety of products.

Over the years, the cheese dairy and the retail store have become an agrotourism attraction for travelers from near and far. Open to visitors, the factory allows them to attend the various stages of production to see how the cheeses are made.

And don’t forget the crème fraîche in addition to the delicious ice cream made on site that attracts people for miles around! In fact, ice cream is so popular that a separate counter has recently been opened to save people from having to queue in the store to buy it.

With a rich history dating back to 1940, Thornloe Cheese was founded by a Franco-Ontarian. The company is now owned by a 100% Canadian farmers’ cooperative. They use 3 million liters of good local milk annually to make these delicious products. Thornloe Cheese sells its cheeses all over Ontario and Quebec. Among Quebec neighbors, the brand is marketed under the name Témis.

Although Thornloe cheeses can be found in stores and even  online , a visit to the place of origin is always special and memorable!

The pavement glided on below me, bending and straightening over and over. I moved the bike along naturally, constantly. The mighty Road King no longer shone. Water and debris from the road muddied its chrome. I thought about Harley enthusiasts I’d meet along the way, shaming me for its unkempt appearance. But then I’d explain that there was this great road, a wilderness road, no “cages”—just the pure sensation riding calls up. The only sound is the rumble of the Road King’s twin engine beating in time. All this on the road from New Liskeard to Elk Lake and back. They’d imagine—they’d understand.

With a thrilling sense of adventure, I watched Toronto disappear in my rear view mirror as I rode to the north and around Lake Temiskaming

Josée Panet-Raymond Journalist, editor and editorial coordinator,Josée Panet-Raymond has beenworking in print and on the web for almost 20 years. She has held positions in large newsrooms, but as a freelance writer, she has the freedom to address a wide variety of subjects. From travel to culture, from education to health, his hobbyhorse is the human interest which gives him the privilege of being welcomed in people’s lives. In addition, she learns and discovers something new every day. 
The South Temiskaming Active Travel Organization (STATO)

The South Temiskaming Active Travel Organization (STATO)

In 2004, The South Temiskaming Active Travel Organization (STATO) was formed as a result of community members’ interest in promotion and development of an active participative transportation routes through the City of Temiskaming Shores hi-lighting the waterfront.

In 2005, The Corporation of the City of Temiskaming Shores approved the process of establishing a multi-use trail/linear park and in 2006, a by-law to establish a linear park /Active Travel maintenance program for the Corporation of the City of Temiskaming Shores was adopted and Council determined that a Community Health and Wellness/Health Community Design would be incorporated into the City’s new Official Plan Process.

At that point, STATO initiated community-wide citizens’ engagement process and we focused our energies from 2007 to 2015 on fundraising, including a yearly fashion show and ice fishing derby, walk-run-bike events, hockey and golf tournaments, numerous sales, galas, musical events, amazing races, auctions, private donations and Government funding, and more. 

In 2008, we began the construction of 20 kilometers paved bike path, complete with bollards and rumble strips, lines and stamping and we continue to work towards our vision of linking the trail to schools, fitness facilities, and different parts of town to make it more accessible.

To date, almost 21.4km has been completed and the surfaced trail is accessible to all residents and visitors, is wheel chair accessible and provide for recreation opportunities to all walks of life.  Residents and visitors of and to Temiskaming Shores can enjoy the benefits of walking, strolling, cycling, jogging, roller blading and other non-motorized activities throughout the City on a safe route.

Through the Bicycle Friendly Community group, we continue to increase awareness and promote physical activity for a healthy community, as well as economic growth and recreation development.  You can follow our ongoing activities on our #biketemiskamingshores facebook page.